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Fashion Apparel

Sundresses!    and...   Accessories!

Scroll down through this page and review some of our best selling fashion apparel items.

Click on the following photo to visit our on-line catalog of Sundresses and Accessories for Spring and Summer.

Included are Dresses, Lightweight Shawls, Ladies Tops,  Men's Tropical Shirts, Hats, Scarves, Bandannas, and more!



Click on the following photo to visit our on-line catalog of Leggings.



Following is our introduction to Activewear!  Contact us for available styles and special assortment packs.



Velvet Fashion Tops

3/4 sleeve with beautifully embroidered appliqués or pressed velvet patterns.  Comfortable polyester construction.

UPC: 0 94088 10290 9                                                UPC: 0 94088 10289 3


Mini-Pleated Tops

Mini-Pleated Tops come in a wide selection of exciting prints and solid colors too.  Sized to fit many, these reach a cross-section of customer tastes.  UPC: 0 94088 10231 2




Irridescent Print Tops

 Beautiful patterns and colors make these comfortable tops versatile for casual and everyday wear. Designs include raised appliqués for a rich look and feel.  3 Sizes  UPC: 0 94088 10287


Pretty Sequin Tops

These light weight tops feature assorted prints, tastefully decorated with sequin enhancements.  They are comfortably sized to fit many customers and a great fashion value.  UPC: 0 94088 10235 0


Fashion Shawls

Light weight and lacey, these fashion shawls are attractive and fashionable and an affordable. UPC: 0 94088 10206 0


Silky Robes

Great as a gift and comfortable loungewear.  Pretty appliqués and assorted colors.  UPC: 0 94088 10212 1


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