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Fashion Scarves

Pashminas are an example of many fashion scarves specially designed for our customers.  Pashminas are used as a scarf, a wrap, given as gifts, for table runners, and many more decorative ideas.  Pack: 48 pieces per case.  


Popcorn Shirts

Popcorn Shirts are hand made and a great value.  The popularity of these one-size fits all shirts has not diminished.  Comfortable, the attractive short sleeve style comes in a variety of prints and solid colors.  More...


Ladies Fashion Tops and Dresses

Factories Connection continues to develop new product lines that are priced right.  Significant thought and testing for consumer acceptance brings our customers the right products at the right price.   More...


Handbags & Accessories

Handbags, Shopping Bags, Day Packs, Bandanas and more!  Our accessory category is competitively priced and bring impulse sales.  Many are basics that customers use everyday.   More...


Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo makes a great gift for all occasions.  A keepsake, a lasting memory, or just to own a Lucky Baboo plant is reason enough to buy.  Each is attractively assembled and comes in a variety of sizes and vase styles.  Our customers often leave it up to us to create a balanced assortment that is proven for sales and sell through.  Factories Connection is recognized as a prime source for quality Lucky Bamboo.   More...

       Lucky Bamboo                       

      Lucky Bamboo       Lucky Bamboo 

Garden Decorations

Garden Spinners bring life to homes and gardens.  Our wide selection of entertaining styles are fun watch.  There is just something about Garden Spinners that makes people want to buy one, two, or maybe three.  More...


General Merchandise

Factories Connection offers proven items.  Some items are new and others are familiar novelties that just continue to sell and sell.  More...

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